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"How does a guy like me, with all my limited resources and, even worse, my limiting beliefs, escape my day job and become financially free?"


Kevin asked himself this question when he turned 40.


Kevin wants to share with you his journey towards becoming financially and spiritually free so that you can make the same journey.


The first part of the journey is overcoming one's limiting beliefs. Kevin describes how he achieved this and acquired a "millionaire mind" through meditation, anchoring, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy and changing his unconscious money blueprint.


The second part of the journey involves acquiring assets which return a passive income. Kevin describes in detail how he achieved this through the property market. Kevin also outlines other ways in which he has successfully generated a passive income for himself and provides plenty of ideas for how you can do the same.


The final part of the journey involves what you do with your life when you become financially free. You can then discover a deeper sense of self and purpose. Kevin describes how he came to understand this through voluntary work, how he found his true self and how he achieved his lifetime ambition.


Join Kevin on his journey towards financial and spiritual freedom and discover how you too could achieve the same.

The Job Delusion - Think your way to financial freedom!

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