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Interviews with Entrepreneurs - Episode 4

This is a series of interviews I conducted in 2019 with Mid Life Entrepreneurs, who demonstrate it's never too late to take a risk and build a business from inspiration, enthusiasm and a few nocks on the way.

In this episode on the Midlife Entrepreneurs podcast, we meet writer & director James Newton whose early life as an actor on TV took an unexpected twist when he was approached to help Micorosft's Bill Gates better communicate his vision for a better world. James talks about what he learned when he directed his first feature film, the children's sci-fi adventure, 2 Hours and how he has taken those hard-won lessons and developed them into a new way of working that brings him a deep sense of satisfaction every day.

If you have an entrepreneurial idea you want to take from just a glint in your eye right up to a fully blown successful business, then get in touch today.

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