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Interviews with Entrepreneurs - Episode 2

This is a series of interviews I conducted in 2019 with Mid Life Entrepreneurs, who demonstrate it's never too late to take a risk and build a business from inspiration, enthusiasm and a few nocks on the way.

In this episode of the Midlife Entrepreneurs podcast, we meet Mark Leruste, life coach and founder of The Unconventionalists podcast and a movement to help a new wave of entrepreneurs turn their message into a movement. Mark is an author, TEDx speaker and all-round disruptor in the world of business development. In this episode, we discuss everything from the power of coaching, to how the most critical indicator of success in business is your ability to focus in on doing just one thing, very well. I learned a lot from talking to Mark, and I hope you do too.

If you have an entrepreneurial idea you want to take from just a glint in your eye right up to a fully blown successful business, then get in touch today.

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