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Financial Coach & Author - Kevin H. Boyd

Your coach

My name is Kevin Boyd and my passion in life is to help you wake up to your full potential.


I do that by entering into a dialogue with you to reveal who you are and what you truly are here to do with your life.


I know that you know what you need to do but you have just got stuck listening to the critical voice in your head telling you to play safe but that voice is preventing you from going on the adventure of your life.


Our work together will be challenging but rewarding. You will aim higher than you have ever dared to before and even though you will often miss the mark that is in fact where the learning happens, the unknown contains all the new knowledge you need to grow.


I will be your guide on this great adventure and I will support you to aim high and confront the unknown with courage, compassion and even a touch of humour.


Let the adventure begin!    

My Qualifications



Oxford Cambridge and RSA - Certificate in Counselling Skills (1999)

Co-Active Training Institute - Diploma in Professional Coaching (2013-14)

Financial Coaching Academy - Certificate in Financial Coaching (2023)

Connexus Institute - Foundation in Transactional Analysis (2023-24)

How coaching can help you change your life.

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Coaching Programs

Chose a program that fits your needs

Quick Audit

20 Minute audit of your financial position

20 Minute Session

Are we a good fit, are you able to do the work that coaching asks of you?

This session will help us both know if you are ready to take on that challenge.

Discover Session

Are you on the right finacial path?

2-Hour Session

In this two-hour session, we will discover the values that are driving your current situation. Review your current position in life and set goals around changing behaviour and taking control of your life. 

90-Day Coaching Program

90-day financial coaching program

1- Hour Sessions x 8

Following on from the Discovery Session, this is a structured program that helps you change your beliefs and begin to implement new behaviours that will lead you to greater mastery of your life.

Success Stories

“Over a two year period Kevin helped me take my company from £3m to £5m turnover.”

Bart O'Toole - CEO in Financial Services

Contact me to find
your way to a more successful future.

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